Experiential graphic design: Touchable Movie.

Our company espouses a new type of design and engineering, that pays homage to the theoretical basis of montage and collage in the 1920's. The filmic practice of montage forms the basis of our cross-disciplinary design practice, guiding and coloring our work. The forward growth of global design is towards designing "experience." Today's designer works in a new world where the environment interacts with the consumer, and in addition to designing strictly physical objects, the modern (or post-modern) designer designs the experience of the user by manipulating interactions, using design patterns, and creating the user environment. Our company, Touchable Movie, LLC, takes this neo-post-modern approach in basic design process. We use state of the art software, like AutoCAD and the Adobe Creative Cloud to implement cutting edge design and maintain commercial and professional standards.

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Exhibition Design: Touchable Movie.

Touchable Movie operates at the intersection of theatre, interaction, media and architecture. We bring design thinking to the experience of space through time. Philip Johnson, the architect spoke passionately about "architecture as processional" the experience and vantages of the space and project over time.

Exhibition Design is one of the best ways to combine the various elements of cinema in a new venue. Exhibition design is a deconstructed movie. The story unfolds through elements of cinema - the outsize poster, the architecture of the space, sound and it's relation to the narrative, told not in an immersive movie house but in museum or exhibition space.

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Motion and Sound: Touchable Movie.

Touchable Movie, LLC specializes a radical new type of design.

The filmic practice of montage forms the basis of our cross-disciplinary design practice, guiding and coloring our work in exhibition, engineering, and invention. We pay homage to the theoretical history of montage and collage in the 1920's.

Touchable Movie expands the filmic experience to create visual and auditory installations. Graphic design is a language that is put into motion. Filmic production design is a language that is deconstructed and made static. Touchable Movie designs in motion and sound.


Projects in Development

Redemption City

Inspired by the work and life of Buckminster Fuller, and exploring his relationship with Isamu Noguchi, Redemption City is an exhibition that is both the center of a mixed use art space, and an ongoing urban design laboratory.

Fuller pioneered moveable architecture with his dome. A celebration of motion design, past, present and future, centering around the work Buckminster Fuller, who built the Dymaxion automobile in Bridgeport, CT! Features an interactive, filmic exhibit centered on Buckminster Fuller’s historical manufacture of the Dymaxion automobile in Bridgeport.

The exhibit topics expand outward towards a study of mobile architecture, again, grounded in Fuller’s theories, but extending to current practice (mobile architecture is the rage now – Fuller was 50 years ahead of his time). In an outreach program local students and/or architects, designers, artists, and futurists are invited to an open competition of ideas – envision the motion systems of the future – and apply them to Bridgeport. Driverless cars? A system of single person sized suction tubes? Hovercraft? Flying vehicles? Networks?

The concept of "Redemption" comes from Buckminster Fuller. At his lowest point in life, with a lack of success in all aspects, blaming himself for his daughter's death from polio and spinal meningitis, Fuller sat down next to Lake Michigan with the intention of throwing himself in so that his family could collect his life insurance. At that moment Fuller had an epiphany and vowed to embark on "an experiment, to find what a single individual could contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity."

"Redemption City" takes Fuller's promise to heart by creating a living exhibit - one that not only covers the unique relationship between Fuller the engineer and Isamu Noguchi the sculptor - but creates a framework for ongoing action, creating mentor opportunities and community outreach.


Navving the Decon. Cinema Deconstructed.

Navving the Decon is a homegrown neologism for "Navigating the Deconstructed Narrative." Colored lines are painted on the ground. Each colored line leads the viewer along the story-line of a character either from a drama or a real life victim of the pandemic. Touchable Movie creates a deconstructed narrative of love in the time of pandemic. City streets are closed off and social distancing requested. Masks per current guidelines. Pathways are painted on the ground to navigate a deconstructed narrative.

"Navving the Decon" encourages people to enjoy urban space without cars. Each pathway is painted in a distinctive color, and each colored pathway represents one of the key characters in the story. So, for example, RED would be Christopher's "way" his path through the narrative, seeing things through his eyes, and feeling his point of view. BLUE would be Maria's "way" - her pathway through life as seen the story that unfolds.

Exhibition Space

Sound Fields. The Electronic Garden.

The garden becomes an interactive social space through a combination of interaction, electronic media, and deconstructed narrative.

A midsummer night's adventure in the garden that examines the nature of memory and its relationship to place.


Special outdoor, weather resistant sound equipment pipes a loudspeaker based soundscape into the environment. Meanwhile, patrons have the option to communicate with each other through sound. In an abstraction of wildlife communications, they can press a button and generate a call, which can be answered by other patrons in the space.

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Director of Design & Engineering

Touchable Movie, LLC is the "brainchild" of Eric Bernstein. With over a decade in engineering management, Eric Bernstein also has a background in creative design. A refugee from Hollywood with several screenplays to his credit, Bernstein seeks a new engineering and a new design.

Mr. Bernstein brings a producer's skills from Hollywood and combines them with an executive engineering position to create both a new business model and a new creative endeavor.

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